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What is ISO 27001?

It provides the specific requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an (ISMS) Information Security Management System. It also covers the assessment and treatment of risks affecting a business. These controls and approaches are applicable to all companies, types, regardless of types or size.
An ISMS provides a consistent approach to managing and protecting company held information.

Why is an ISMS Important?

Implementing an ISMS means that all data will handled consistently and securely. It means processes are documented, trained, and repeated for consistency. This gives your customers piece of mind to know security is not just a statement but apart of the culture.
If you implement ISO 27001 to achieve the ISO certification or SOC 1, 2, or 3 an independent auditor validates the effectiveness of the controls within the ISMS. This proves to your potential customers that you can be trusted. It also shows maturity in your processes.

I can help you implement controls and prepare for the audit using my course which provides the following:

  • Video course: Covers each control, implementation statement for the control, and explains the control so you better understand what you are implementing
  • Templates: Using my 9 years in the Compliance space I created templates for you to establish your own Policies
  • Control Mappings: See how each control maps back to the original concept

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